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Welcome to Blue Blazes !!! 
We are a small miniature horse farm located near the  town of Mount Pleasant,NC. We own 7 miniatures and board and train several others. We started our miniature venture 20 years ago when we purchased a mini for our first grand daugher Shelby. We wanted a horse her size that she could love and pet. We quickly learned the addictive essence of this small equine.Before you knew it we had a barn full. We have enjoyed them with our Grandchildren for many years. Of course the first one was to pet but we found that there was just so much more you can do with them. 

We have taken to them to fall festivals, to Shows, to Parades. We have had many 4-h groups and other groups out on the farm.We have competed in large breed horse shows as well as many AMHR and AMHA sanctioned shows. We have traveled to Nationals in Tulsa ,OK for several years. My Husband Jim has been training minis to drive , and in all performance .They have been very competitive in the show ring.We are now starting to dabble in doing some CDE's. So just petting a mini was not an option. We have come full circle with them and its been quite a ride. So feel free to visit all pages of our web site to see just what our horses and our clients horses can do. If you are in the area please come out and visit . We would love to meet you and talk about our horses .

 We have met so many wonderful people through these wonderful miniatures, and we would love to add you to that list. If you have any questions or comments please contact us by phone , e-mail or our guest book. 
We usually have openings on request for training and  board. 

Jim also does trailer conversions and other aluminum projects. Please see the special page for conversions
Jim and Mary Frazier        
4535 Emanuel Rd. 
Mt Pleasant NC 28124